Garbage Truck Moment #100

by David J. Pollay on October 18, 2011

My wife was driving the speed limit the other day with our little girls in the car when a car suddenly pulled up right behind them and started tailgating.  Dawn did not recognize the car or the driver—the person was so close you could see his face—but she could make out the scowl on his face.

Dawn checks her speedometer.  She is going just a few miles over the posted speed limit.  And with no warning, the other driver whips his car around the side of Dawn’s and speeds in front of her.  But, rather than head straight down the street, he turns left—get this—right into our development.  It gets better.

The driver has to slow down because of all the speed bumps.  Dawn is now behind him smiling.  He keeps driving, and with every speed bump he encounters, he gets closer to our home.

Finally, he stops.  You won’t believe it.  He parks in the street just three houses away.

Dawn just smiles as she and the girls get out of the car.  He practically hides as he rings the door bell to the other house (the way some people cover their head after they’ve been arrested).

Dawn followed The Law of the Garbage TruckShe did not judge him.  She did not condemn him.  She just let him pass by with a smile, and good wishes.  (Who knows why he felt he had to drive so fast and dangerously?)

The key is that his behavior was not a burden Dawn needed to carry.  And neither did she need to pass on the bad driver’s negative energy to our girls.

Can you relate to this?  Do you have similar stories?

Have a Garbage Free Day!™


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Dale October 20, 2011 at 4:09 pm

I get that all the time, I refuse to drive at more than the speed limit.
When someone gets too close for my comfort, I just do exactly as the Driver’s Manual for my state says: “Slow down”.
It gets them every time, most get enraged, some of them pass me, some do so in a dangerous fashion, some of them even pass and then turn too close in front of me.
I just: Smile, wave and wish them well!


David J. Pollay, The Law of the Garbage Truck October 28, 2011 at 12:49 am

Hi Dale,

Great to hear from you! And good for you for driving the speed limit. Safely getting to where you’re going is the goal always! Keep smiling!

Sending you the best,


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